Personal Message from Elyse

The PR industry has transformed dramatically the past few years. It has gone from a focus on face to face meetings, press tours and hard copy press clippings to an emphasis on SEO, social media and blogging. Today’s PR is as multidimensional as the people it reaches. While traditional PR still has its place, what’s important is that your company has the best mix of PR programs that are customized for its specific needs.

Results Public Relations is a public relations firm that understands businesses, technology, how the media works and how it’s changing. We collaborate with our clients to strategize and build purposeful programs using any vehicle that we believe will get our clients in front of the people who matter to them most. We place a high value on our relationships our clients and the media and work hard to meet and exceed our clients’ PR goals.

What is PR?

Public Relations Strategy and Marketing

Results PR works with our clients to leverage all the weapons in our PR arsenal. In this changing media world, content is displayed on multiple platforms including video, audio and images. We harness the combined power of all communications tools and integrate them with our clients’ marketing and company goals. Our team is expert on how to re-purpose pitches, stories and key messages in multiple ways to ensure unified messages and integrated connections between web copy, blog posts, podcasts and webcasts/videos to reach the broadest audience

Media and Industry Analysts Relations

An especially important component of a public relations program is to effectively communicate our clients’ messages, relevance and value to media and influencers so that they communicate about our clients where and when appropriate. Results Public Relations accomplishes this by having continuous outreach and ongoing relationships and dialogs with key press and analysts through pitches, message boards, social media networking, email outreach, briefings and more. Through continuous research and sophisticated tools, we maintain and update a targeted comprehensive press and influencer database that enables us to deliver messages to the right audience.

Social Media Relations

As many companies jump in and create profiles on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and flickr, our clients often ask us, “What should my company be doing about social media?” Results PR can help you figure out your company’s strategy for participating in online conversations and start some of your own to reach target audiences directly and most effectively. Through our Listen and Engage Program which monitors conversations–about the company, competitors, the industry–your company will be ready to participate in the conversation.

Speakers Bureau

Speaking engagements at key industry conferences establish your executives as subject matter experts. We help our clients leverage these opportunities by developing a comprehensive target list of conferences, tradeshows and other appropriate opportunities for speeches and presentations. Our team will then write presentation abstracts and proposals for all appropriate speaking opportunities. Once a speaking opportunity is secured, we act as liaison between the conference organizers and the client to manage the presentation details.

Press Releases

Press releases are no longer just for editors and reporters. They are now widely read online by anyone and everyone and add credibility to your efforts. The real power of today’s press release writing and distributing lies within the knowing how to write and disseminate a press release to a very specific audience so that in the end—your release is read by the people that matter to you most. Results PR is an expert in knowing how to write and optimize press releases for maximum benefit. We work with clients to create a consistent flow of information via press releases to help achieve quality coverage and generate awareness.

Product Launches

Results Public Relations can work with your company to launch new products and services every step of the way. We pre-condition the analysts and press before the launch, work with you on all materials to support a successful rollout, and keep follow up going after initial flurry of publicity is over.

Media Training

Results Public Relations offers media training services to executives so that company spokespeople can position the organization in the best possible light consistently and increase the likelihood of coverage. During these sessions, we will role play different scenarios and review the importance of developing and communicating sound bites, three key company messages, etc.

Product Reviews

Results helps its clients prepare for what is involved in conducting a product review to make sure that all involved are comfortable with process. For this program, we pitch appropriate reviews editors at target books before a new product release is available suggesting why they should review and conduct a product evaluation.

Thought Leadership

The Thought Leadership program is a major positioning vehicle for many of Results’ clients. The primary purpose of this program is to help spawn editorial ideas for editors, blog and radio show producers so that our clients are quoted and used as spokespeople-- definitive authorities in the market. Through the program, we can establish credibility for the company’s solutions and position executives as leading experts in the industry.

There are several communication vehicles to this program: leveraging social media channels by posting and initiating new topics of interest, publishing a newsletter for press and analysts, bylined articles that get placed in targeted publications and speaking abstracts that get pitched for various shows and events.

Additionally, we offer coaching on how executives can pro-actively promote themselves as experts through blogs, webcasts, podcasts and more.

Awards Program

To further highlight our clients’ core strengths, we continually research organizations and publications that honor companies with awards. We then identify and pursue awards on behalf our clients.


"Elyse and her team are extremely proactive in their approach to public relations. They deliver a consistently high level of quality coverage in the high tech and security space and are hard working, focused, and energetic.   We work very closely with them and they are very much part of the in-house team. I would recommend Results Public Relations to anyone considering appointing a strong, media savvy agency."

Stacy Zurbrigg
Marketing Manager
Aimetis Corporation