Our team has worked with clients from North America, Europe, Asia and Israel. Here is a sampling of some of our focus areas and clients.

Application Software

Aimetis (network security video management/ analytics)
Artificial Medical Intelligence (computer aided coding)
ComBrio (Remote product services software)
Deploy Software (HR)
Descartes (demand chain)
Foresight Software (CRM)
Mapsolute (Internet mapping provider)
mGEn (e-learning, human capital management)
Psipenta (ERP)
Sentillion (identity and access management for healthcare)
Voice Processing Corp. (speech recognition)
Workgroup Technology Corp. (product data management)
Zolera (security software)
Marketbee (e-commerce)
MEGA International (business process)
Miracle (enterprise frameworks)


alfabet (Strategic IT planning) 
Client/Server Technologies (Y2K software) 
Data Integrity Inc. (Y2K software) 
Data Merger Software (development tool)
DecisionPath (decision support)
Ernst & Young RE Products (COBOL to PL/1 conversion tools)
Excara (product content/e-commerce)
Gentleware (modeling software for UML)
Neomedia (Y2K)
Neotys (stress and load testing web applications)
NewWorld Commerce (e-mail marketing)
Percussion (Web development)
Pilot Software (decision support software)
Software Development Tools (AS/400 tool)
Software Emancipation Technology (development)
Softlab Inc. (maintenance and redevelopment tools) 
Viasoft (Y2K and maintenance software) 
Inboxer (anti-risk email appliance)


Axis Communications (IP surveillance cameras and solutions)
Brooktrout Technology (fax boards & voice processing)) 
Symagery (image-based systems)


 Praxis (replication)
Sepaton (storage)
Signiant (storage)
EMC (replication and storage)
Pillar Data (storage) 


Ipanema Technologies (WAN optimization) 
Newbury Networks (WiFi security)
ITWorx (network management)
Open Development Corporation (prepaid calling platform)
Pacer (Apple communications)
Netmorf, Inc (wireless b2b software)
SmartLink Technologies (voice over broadband)
FirstHand Technologies(mobile IPBX capabilities) 


BrainStorm Group (conference management) 
Cambridge Technology Partners (app dev and outsourcing) 
ChosenSecurity (on-Demand PKI -public key infrastructure- security service)
The Customer Respect Group (Web site reports)
Intermedia Group (tradeshows)
Keane Inc. (application development and outsourcing)
Triaxsys (market research) 
TEAMworks (EDS to manage clinical trials )
BluePhoenix (legacy modernization) 


"Results PR was able to help our company generate visibility long before our product hit the market. Their emphasis on thought leadership and skillful tenacious follow-through produced results that greatly exceeded our expectations."

Youssri Helmy
President and CEO

"Elyse and George have provided a consistent level of service during the many years we have worked with them. We have an excellent relationship with them and their team and they understand our business and our needs. They are creative and responsive and have supported us well in promoting our growing presence in the United States."

Jacqueline Routier